Sheraton Ft. Lauderdale Plantation architecture and interior design

Our Philosophy

Clear Lake Senior Living Design architecture and interior design

Enriching spaces, expanding lives — the philosophy of every C+TC Design Studio project, whether architectural or interior design, starts with that idea.

When we begin a project, we strive to find innovative ways to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our aim is to craft every building and space to optimize functionality and enhance the experience of the user. Our teams listen, they design, and they set the functional and aesthetic direction of each project to assure that every design solution meets our clients’ needs.

we’re not your average firm

Westin Sarasota pool design

To ensure cohesion and continuity, key team members remain with each project from start to finish. While other firms often allocate the design delivery process among several independent departments, our integrated approach assures that our clients’ objectives are understood and implemented throughout the various phases of development and nothing is lost in translation. The team assigned to your project are seasoned professionals, and the senior leadership provides many years of strong hospitality design experience to support their efforts. This ensures that the quality of work, adherence to budget constraints, client communication and schedule management are always top of mind for each project.