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What We Do

Hospitality Lobby Design

Custom and inspired design — today’s most sophisticated, discerning clients demand both. But what sets C+TC Design Studio apart is our skill at handling the fusion of architecture and interior design. Our clients love that we can devise creative solutions and manage even the most complicated projects with ease. We provide high-end hospitality and senior living clients with a full-service solution, allowing them to not only receive a customized design that reflects their needs, location, and vision, but one that also respects the call to create or renovate in the least disruptive way. We understand the need to keep residents and guests comfortable, while supporting each project’s unique brand.

Our team is world-class because our clients are world-class. Each member of C+TC Design Studio is highly creative, solution-driven, client-focused, and knowledgeable. Our dedication to being the best means we work with the best and provide superior design and architectural solutions for every project. Our goal, whether providing architectural design, interior design services, or both is to create a unique and innovative solution that evokes a sense of place like no other.


Architecture Santa Barbara Beach Resort

For C+TC Design Studio, architecture is a bridge between form and function. And good architecture fulfills a need while it promotes beauty. That thinking informs all our architectural design work, which begins and ends with thoughtful communication with our clients. Though it is too often left out of discussions about art today, we believe that buildings have artistic value as well as a practical purpose. Our aim is to design spaces that reflect both aspects while also fulfilling the needs of our clients.

Interior design

Darwin Hotel interior design

The spaces where we live and work, stay and play have a profound impact on our lives. Designing hospitality and senior living spaces that are creative, inclusive, inspiring, and collaborative is our mission and our honor. Taking the vision of our clients, realizing it, and exceeding their expectations guides every step of our work. We look at every interior design project as an opportunity to improve the lived experience.

We believe no project is too challenging and find joy in devising creative solutions for architectural and interior design needs.